Minseong Jang (장민성)

Minseong Jang

I am a Master Student at KAIST School of Computing at Concurrency and Parallelism Laboratory.

I am currently working on designing high-level hardware description language



  • (2024) M.S. in Computer Science. KAIST (expected).

  • (2022) B.S. in Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science. KAIST.


  • (ASPLOS 2023) ShakeFlow: Functional Hardware Description with Latency-Insensitive Interface Combinators.
    Sungsoo Han†, Minseong Jang†, Jeehoon Kang (†: co-first authors in alphabetical order).
    The International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems.
    [paper: doi, local] ​ [artifact: development] ​ ​


  • Software Engineer, Waddle Corporation, April, 2019 - January, 2021.

    (topic: Back-end development, R&D)